Sus­tain­able web design

Han­abi is com­mit­ted to deliv­er­ing sus­tain­able web design projects.

We do this by ensur­ing that every new web­site that we launch is as light­weight as pos­si­ble and focussed on per­for­mance & ener­gy efficiency.

Cre­at­ing fast web­sites improves the user expe­ri­ence of the web­site, ensur­ing that the user com­pletes a task quick­er (such as; pur­chas­ing a prod­uct, buy­ing a tick­et, find­ing infor­ma­tion) and there­fore reduces the data down­load require­ments and the amount of ener­gy con­sump­tion required from the user’s device to access the website.

The web­site tech­nolo­gies and plat­forms that may be used to deliv­er web­sites, such as Shopi­fy, Craft CMS, Magen­to and Word­Press will often require updates to ensure that they con­tin­ue to be effi­cient and secure.

Ensur­ing those con­tent man­age­ment sys­tems such as Craft CMS, Magen­to and Word­Press are reg­u­lar­ly updat­ed is the best way to take advan­tage of the lat­est soft­ware avail­able to improve the effi­cien­cy and secu­ri­ty of your web­site. At Han­abi, we pro­vide our clients with options for ongo­ing sup­port to han­dle the soft­ware updates, so that our clients can focus on their business.

The Shopi­fy solu­tion is main­tained by Shopi­fy direct­ly to ensure that the plat­form con­tin­ues to work effi­cient­ly and also works with Shopi­fy Part­ners like us to pro­vide updates of such changes.

  1. Find out more about Sus­tain­able Web Design
  2. See how much car­bon your web­site is using with the Web­site Car­bon Cal­cu­la­tor and see how much car­bon our web­site is using

Switch to green web hosting

The World Wide Web con­sumes a lot of ener­gy to deliv­er web­sites through its infra­struc­ture of data cen­tres and net­works. Some of these data cen­tres con­sume more ener­gy and are more pol­lut­ing than oth­ers, depend­ing on their scale and the type of ener­gy used to pow­er these data centres.

Just like any oth­er busi­ness, web host­ing providers have a num­ber of envi­ron­men­tal impacts to con­sid­er as part of their busi­ness oper­a­tions, such as logis­tics and elec­tron­ic waste.

Many web host­ing providers are also mak­ing com­mit­ments to reduce the impact on the cli­mate as part of their envi­ron­men­tal and social respon­si­bil­i­ties. These com­pa­nies are also mak­ing it eas­i­er to see what their approach to sus­tain­abil­i­ty is, through mak­ing use of green­er and renew­able ener­gy solu­tions and ener­gy efficiency.

Here’s a short­list of some of the plat­form and host­ing providers that Han­abi rec­om­mends dur­ing our projects which also pro­vide details about their sus­tain­abil­i­ty commitments;

  1. Shopi­fy Envi­ron­ment and Sustainability
  2. Netli­fy Sustainability
  3. Servd – Green CraftCMS Hosting
  4. Google Cloud Sustainability
  5. AWS Sus­tain­abil­i­ty

Reduc­ing our car­bon footprint

When we start­ed Han­abi, we knew that we also want­ed to do good – by sup­port­ing char­i­ties and social enter­prise when we can. Start­ing any new busi­ness is always a chal­lenge but we made a start to this com­mit­ment by becom­ing a found­ing busi­ness with Ecolo­gi.

Ecolo­gi is a social enter­prise from Bris­tol – pas­sion­ate about cli­mate action and they invest mon­ey into tree plant­i­ng (part­ner­ing with The Eden Refor­esta­tion Projects) and car­bon off­set projects in places like Mada­gas­car, Guatemala and Uganda.

Ecolo­gi is also now increas­ing impact by fund­ing a new refor­esta­tion project in Scot­land, help­ing to plant a decid­u­ous for­est, approved by Scot­tish Nat­ur­al Heritage.

Along with many oth­er busi­ness­es and indi­vid­u­als around the world, we’re sup­port­ing this project by plant­i­ng trees to off­set our car­bon foot­print through the Cli­mate Pos­i­tive Work­force scheme to off­set our car­bon footprint.

Through our com­mit­ment to deliv­er­ing sus­tain­able web design and devel­op­ment, we will also plant 50 trees for every new web­site that we launch to sup­port the rewil­d­ing of our planet.

To date (05 March 2021), Han­abi has plant­ed 405 trees and off­set 21.06 tonnes of CO2e.

  1. See our Ecolo­gi profile
  2. Learn more about Ecologi
  3. Start your cli­mate action jour­ney with Ecolo­gi – use this link and Ecolo­gi will add 50 trees to your new for­est and 50 trees to ours

There’s much more to do, but Han­abi is com­mit­ted to doing our part for cli­mate change.

Brand Experience

Some of the brands we have worked with within agencies and independently include:

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