For exam­ple, if you append /​admin to your domain like so: exam​ple​-store​.com/​admin, this will redi­rect you to your Shopi­fy store admin URL, which may look some­thing like: exam​ple​-store​.myshopi​fy​.com/​admin.

Shopi­fy have announced that in Q1 2022, they will be migrat­ing the mer­chant store admin from the myshopi­fy store­front domain to:

This will be known as the Uni­fied Admin and will cre­ate a sin­gle and con­sis­tent store admin domain for all Shopi­fy stores.

Shopi­fy says that this is designed to improve the page load speed across the admin, reduce the num­ber of times that mer­chants have to reauthenticate/​login, and will improve the expe­ri­ence of work­ing across mul­ti­ple stores.