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25 Jun 2021

Shopify Stores Can Now Edit Their Robots.txt File

On June 18, Tobi Lutke – Shopify CEO, announced on Twitter that Shopify stores are now able to edit their robots.txt file which gives store owners more control over how search engines crawl their site.

10 Jun 2021

Have you ever wondered why do most people prefer buying soft drinks from brands like Coca-Cola or Pepsi, or choose fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s or KFC over others? It’s because these brands are popular and familiar. That’s how brand awareness works!

05 May 2021

The ever-changing digital ecosystem can be confusing. It’s fair to say that the world of digital marketing is jam-packed with marketing jargon, lingo or any other term you prefer to use. With acronyms and buzzwords flying around all over the place, it can sometimes be difficult to decipher the meaning behind them.

27 Apr 2021

Website speed issues and Core Web Vital metrics are high on the priority list for many SEOs and web developers, since Google announced the Core algorithm update set to launch in May 2021. But the latest developments show that this update will focus on much more than just Core Web Vitals. It will focus on the overall user experience and website functionality.


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